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Welcome to Elche Insider, your new go to website designed to assist holidaymakers and those considering making the move to this wonderful green city. Elche has much to offer visitors, and the dedicated team at Elche Insider have worked hard to bring you a fun and informative website showcasing the many great attributes to be found when visiting the City of Palms. Young or old, business or pleasure, you're sure to find interesting and informative facts and ideas that will help to ensure your stay is as exciting or relaxing as you choose, hopefully to return time and again 🙂


When planning a visit to Elche, be it for business or pleasure, we have included a good selection of accommodation options. For visitors who only have a brief stay in Elche or business travellers needing to catch an early morning flight, we have listed hotels with quick and easy access to the airport. Nature enthusiasts wanting to be in the heart of the city's famous palm groves will find two spectacular hotels nestled withing the picturesque greenery of the beautiful Huerto del Cura Gardens. On the other side of the coin, young party people can't go wrong with Hotel Ibis Elche. Surrounded by expat bars and the city's nightclubs, Hotel Ibis even has its own 24 hour bar.

The more discerning visitor can enjoy country living and fine dining at the charming Casa Del Artista Bed & Breakfast. When browsing Elche Insider, large families or groups may be interested in our article on private holiday accommodation. This gives the option of large villas with plenty of space or accommodation in gated communities with leisure facilities such as swimming pools, parks and playgrounds. Another superb family option are the surrounding camping resorts. These are a favourite with children and offer various accommodation and great leisure facilities.


High on the holiday wish list for many is activities. Elche Insider have you covered with a great choice of activities for all ages. Elche's residents are very keen on sports and this is evident in the amount of sports centres and clubs. There is even a rugby club, not a common sport in Spain. Another activity you wouldn't expect to find in a sunny Spanish city is ice skating. Visiting the ice rink puts you in the centre of several fun activities. Close by is a large sports centre, tennis, squash and padel courts, gymnastics centre, Jumplandia Playground, Elche Karting Club and Distrito 41 Paintball & Laser Centre. For loads of outdoor adventures all in one place, be sure to visit Elche Palmeral Aventuras. Surrounding Elche there is golf, horse riding and much more.


Spreading across much of the city are Elche's palm groves, its most famous attraction. Among these are the Vinalopo River and several exquisite parks and gardens. When exploring the parks and gardens you are never far from interesting historical buildings, monuments and museums. Some of these are located in pleasant squares and plazas where you can enjoy refreshments or a meal in street side cafes and restaurants. If visiting at the end of October beginning of November be sure to spend some time at the fantastic Elche Medieval Festival. Between the city and coastal town of Santa Pola is Rio Safari Elche, an excellent animal park boasting great leisure activities. Further afield visitors will find many other great attractions, all mentioned in Elche Insider.


What would a holiday be without entertainment. Elche Insider have listed the best to be found in the city, and some further afield. Although not nearly on the scale offered in popular resort cities such as Benidorm, Elche's entertainment is sufficient to please most visitors. Traditional tapas bars can be found on practically every street corner. A visit to a few tapas bars is a great way to enjoy drinks and food without putting a dent in the wallet. Some bars still serve a free tapa with your drink order. Dotted around the city you will also find a couple of British and Irish bars where quiz nights, pool and darts is usually featured. For a bit more of a lively night, Elche is home to some vibrant music bars as well as a handful of nightclubs where you can dance till dawn.

As with tapas bars, restaurants serving the finest Spanish dishes are the most plentiful in the city. These serve traditional favourites like paella and tortilla but are also known for their wonderfully fresh fish and seafood dishes. All sorts of international restaurants are represented, with a good choice located in the L'Aljub Commercial Centre. Here you can also catch a movie and browse the stores and boutiques where you will find some fine examples of shoes from Elche's famous footwear factories. The city's supermarkets are modern and efficient and there are several produce markets. Weekly markets are held in many of the surrounding towns and cities for a greater choice of products.


Arriving by air, looking for transport during your visit, we have it all covered in Elche Insider. The city is just 20 minutes drive from the excellent Elche-Alicante Airport. Here you will find a good range of services and facilities both in the public areas and after passport control. There is also several transport options from the airport including public buses, taxis and car hire. To the south of Elche is Murcia-San Javier Airport. This has similar facilities to Alicante Airport but on a smaller scale and with no bus service whatsoever. Car hire can also be found in the city and some hotels offer a car hire service at their reception. Further transport options we have mentioned in Elche Insider includes scooter hire from nearby Alicante and bicycle hire in the city centre.