Club Deportivo Squash

Club Deportivo Squash in Elche city centre is so much more than just a squash club. This place takes fitness to a whole new level. For the size of this magical green city, it certainly boasts its fair share of sports and fitness clubs. Even rugby union, which is not exactly a popular sport in Spain, is represented in Elche. What is popular and can be enjoyed throughout the city, is padel. The sport is similar to a mix of squash and tennis and can be played at Club Deportivo Squash.

About Club Deportivo Squash

The club is located just by the double roundabout on the N-340. And just to reiterate what we mentioned earlier, right next door is a further squash club. Entering the club, the modern layout is enhanced by a large glass atrium, giving it a bright spacious feel. Every area, training room and dance hall is dedicated to sports and fitness. There are a selection of gymnasiums. These offer the latest in fitness equipment, including dozens of exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines and other cardiovascular equipment. Various halls are dedicated to dance and fitness classes. Others are for athletic and gymnastic training, and there are sports courts and treatment rooms.

Club Deportivo Squash Sports Facilities

Surrounding the complex are the outdoor padel courts. Within the complex are four well maintained squash courts. These can also be used to play soft racket ball. Bodybuilders can work out in a dedicated gym for free weights. There are various dance and fitness class studios. A popular area at Club Deportivo Squash is the heated thermal pool. The club boasts a variety of physiotherapy rooms where a selection of treatments are offered. Various dance classes for kids are available, and the fitness classes available are mind boggling. After a strenuous workout, there is even a meditation studio. Finally, once you've worked up an appetite head for the cafe.

Club de Campo Elche

Club de Campo Elche lies on the outskirts of Elche close to the AP-7 motorway. Its location is on Passeig de Ronda in the residential area of Bonavista. Translated to English it means Elche Country Club.