Lo Rufete Adventure Park

Lo Rufete Adventure Park is the ideal venue for a fun day out during a visit to Elche. As the name suggests, visitors to the park are in for a day of thrills and adventure. The owners have really done a great job to ensure their activities offer something for everyone. Additionally, they have a lovely social area with a swimming pool, sun terrace, BBQ and picnic facilities. Another bonus of visiting Lo Rufete Adventure Park, is it's free to enter and visitors only pay for the activities they choose. Visitors taking part in activities have free use of all the facilities in the social area. The location of the park close to the shores of Lake Pedrera is the perfect setting for a fun activities.

Lo Rufete Adventure Park Facilities

Social Area – After working up an appetite while enjoying the park's activities, visitors can retire to the social area for a well earned rest. Here you can have a swim in the pool, play a couple of games of volleyball and enjoy a meal. Visitors can either bring along a picnic or make use of the BBQ facilities. All this is free to use, however you will need to bring charcoal, plates and cutlery.

Birthdays & Events – The social area is also available for all sorts of celebrations and events. Again, if you wish to eat and drink, you will need to bring your own supplies. Alternately the park can lay on a delicious paella for a price. Should you wish a special show for your occasion, this can be arranged too. A selection of discounted activity packages are available to all visitors.

Animal Boarding – At Lo Rufete Adventure Park they have a variety of animal boarding. This includes stabled livery for horses, paddock livery for horses, kennels and a cattery. Prices for stabled and paddock livery is per month, and kennel and cattery boarding is per day.

Lo Rufete Adventure Park Activities

Paintball – This is an all time favourite group activity, popular with birthday and stag & hen parties. A specially designed field of 15,000m2 is adaptable to create various different battlefield scenarios. All equipment is supplied including the paintball guns and balls. For safety reasons all participants need to wear protective face masks and body protectors which are also supplied. The park also has a paintball shooting range to get in some practice before the battle commences.

Archery – For those that want to test their shooting skills but without the bruises, archery is great fun. After being shown the correct stance and shooting technique you can fire away at will. Instructors are there to assist and ensure safety, and you can chose from 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Quad Bikes – This is one of the most popular activities at Lo Rufete Adventure Park. A choice of excursions are available for adults and children. A circuit of 10,000m2 is designed for children and adults without a licence with quads to suit. An exciting 1 hour tour around Lake Pedrera takes in a variety of rugged nature trails. Some travelling on public roads is required to reach the lake. Therefore to enjoy this excursion, participants need to be in possession of a valid driving licence.

Horse Riding – For a more sedate adventure around the lake, get your cowboy hat on and opt for a horse. A choice of horses for adults and children are available. Visitors can choose from a 25 minute hack to a 2 hour hack. The park also offers a selection of private or group riding lessons. The young ones can enjoy just spending time with the horses washing and grooming them.

Eco Friendly Buggies – The owners of Lo Rufete have thoughtfully considered their elderly and disabled visitors. Their cute electric buggies are very user and environmentally friendly. Tours around the lake and natural park are for one or two persons and the duration is 20 minutes.

Kayaks – The park's refreshing reservoir is perfect for enjoying a swim and paddling about in a selection of 1 – 3 seater kayaks. They also have a little row boat and great fun giant hamster ball. These have room for 1 – 3 persons and the challenge is trying to stay upright on the water.

Zip-Wire – Take to the skies and skim the tree tops on the park's thrilling zip-wire. Once you are safely secured in the harness and have donned your safety helmet, it's time to zip away. The wire measures 150 metres and participants can enjoy a discount when having two go's.

Mini Golf – What would a holiday be without a round of mini golf. Yes, this is one of the most popular holiday activities worldwide. At Lo Rufete Adventure Park visitors can enjoy an 18 hole round. Each hole poses a variety of challenges and obstacles and is fun for all the family.

Mini Park – The young ones are well looked after in this area of Lo Rufete. Park monitors are on hand to organise a a variety of fun games. There is also a bouncy castle, trampoline and mini  electric quads. Quads are for children under 6 years, and all ages can participate in the games.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

A hot air balloon flight is surely the perfect way to view Elche's famous palm groves. Viewed from as high up as 1 kilometre, the groves, surrounding countryside, mountains and coastline pose a beautiful quilt-work of colour.