District 41 Multi Adventure Centre

District 41 Multi Adventure Centre offers the ultimate in thrilling combat wars and is located near Elche city centre. All the exciting activities take place in a large indoor arena. This is great for holidaymakers visiting in off season when there's a bit of a chill in the air. Those that fancy a full day of indoor and outdoor adventures are in for a treat. Less than a kilometre from the centre is the fantastic Elche Palmeral Aventuras. This is an outdoor multi adventure centre similar to a huge obstacle course, complete with multiple zip-wires, large climbing wall and other activities.

District 41 Multi Adventure Centre Facilities

District 41 Multi Adventure Centre is located on Calle Villena on the outskirts of the city. The large indoor arena has been expertly designed for war games. Various stage props and obstacles are interchangeable to allow for an assortment of battle scenarios. The friendly owners and staff have gone out of their way to offer something for all age groups. They really get involved to make sure everyone is having a good time and offer the latest weapons and safety equipment. District 41 welcome all sorts of group celebrations. These range from birthdays to stag & hen parties to corporate team building. For these special events they have discounted activity combo packages.

Paintball Combat

District 41 Multi Adventure Centre feature paintball wars for both adults and children. The Games Master oversees all the action and is there to assist with scenario changes and ensure safety at all times. Adults can choose from 4 different combat missions. The most popular mission is Counter Strike. Others include Search & Destroy, Capture The Flag and Triple Mission 41. Some of these missions are included in the children's paintball. The young ones can also choose form Defend The Zone, Team Dual and Game Of Votes.

Laser Combat

Laser systems was first used in the late 1970's by the United States Army for combat training. It wasn't until 1982 before a similar system was designed for use as a combat game. Players use a laser tag vest and laser tag pistol or rifle. The vest has built in sensors that detect a hit from the infrared beam fired from the laser gun. Once hit you are out of the game. Laser wars are similar to paintball in the sense different battle scenarios can be implemented, and props and obstacles can be changed. The difference to paintball is that laser is painless, making it ideal for kids.

Nerf Combat

At District 41 Multi Adventure Centre even the younger kids can enjoy combat games. Most age groups are able to enjoy all the activities at the centre. As a parent you may be more comfortable with your young ones using a Nerf gun. Also known as Nerf blasters, these fun weapons have come a long way since they were first invented. The guns fire soft foam bullets, making them safe and painless. Most Nerf wars are played indoors as their firing range can be affected by the elements. However, recent weapons now come in high powered versions for outdoor use. The great thing about District 41 is all the activities can use the same arena and battle scenarios.