Car Hire

Car hire in Elche offers visitors a variety of vehicles to suit either the solo business traveller or large families and groups. Depending on where your accommodation is located, many of the city's attractions and entertainment venues can be explored on foot or by bicycle. However, car hire is always handy in the city, especially for elderly or disabled visitors. Surrounding Elche are further superb attractions, beaches, lakes and mountains where a hire car is essential. For those without a licence, some of these areas and attractions can be visited as part of a coach tour.

Car Hire at the Airports

The vast majority of visitors to Elche requiring a hire car will pre-book one for collection from their airport of arrival. Although it's possible to hire a vehicle upon arrival from most companies at the airports, it's definitely wiser to pre-book during the busy summer months. The closest airports to Elche are Alicante and Murcia-San Javier. Alicante being the largest and busiest has the best car hire choice. These include Hertz, Goldcar, Centauro, Avis, Europcar and Sixt. These are all national and international car hire chains, which gives visitors a better sense of security. You will also find representatives from independent hire companies which may charge less.

Car Hire in the City

Should you decide you wish to hire a vehicle during your stay in Elche, there are several national and international companies to choose from. Both Avis and Hertz have offices in the city. Most hotels will offer this service at their reception desks. Some visitors that are on a tight budget will choose to use the services of an independent car hire company. Indeed, these can work out less expensive than the well known rental companies. However, there are things to look out for.

Independent Car Hire

When choosing an independent rental company it's advisable to be very thorough in your dealings. Make a list of any hidden charges you may think of that will add to your overall cost. Go over the list with a company representative and ask as many questions as possible. A reputable company will have no problem with this and explain all costs and insurances thoroughly. Some independent car hire companies may have a rather dated or tired fleet of vehicles.

Be sure to do a thorough vehicle check in the presence of a representative. If minor dents and scratches are found then make a note of them. Point them out to the representative and get them to sign an acknowledgement. If there are any major problems that may affect the vehicle's performance then ask for them to be sorted immediately. If not, ask for a different vehicle. This is also the case if things like lights and indicators don't work and could get you stopped by police. Finally, don't expect all independent companies to offer 24 hr roadside assistance; check this.

Please Note: Elche Insider always recommend the services of Coys Rent-A-Car to our clients and readers. They are based in the nearby city of Torrevieja and have been established since 1992.

Bicycle Hire

Bicycle hire in Elche offers the freedom to explore the famous palm groves on two wheels, and the opportunity to enjoy a bit of gentle exercise. There is much to see and do in this pretty green city, and different modes of transport to choose.