Entertainment is an integral part of any holiday, and visitors to Elche have a great choice of fun things to see and do. This may not be on the huge scale of entertainment found in popular resort areas such as the party city of Benidorm. However, there certainly are enough entertaining aspects of Elche to keep any visitor busy during a stay in this lovely green city. Singles, couples, families and groups are all catered for. Should you have transport, further entertainment can be found the length and breadth of the Costa Blanca, often within just a short drive from Elche.


Whether tea total or a bit of a party animal, there are bars in Elche offering entertainment for all. By and large, the majority of bars in the city are traditional tapas bars providing great value food and drink to the local workers. These range from tiny family run establishments offering a small selection of tapas, often free with your drinks order. The larger tapas bars, more popular with holidaymakers, usually boast a fantastic range of tapas and a good choice of imported beverages. Further entertainment in Elche can be found in the handful of British and Irish bars offering a taste of home to holidaymakers and the city's expat communities. For a great night out in the city, head for one of the karaoke or music bars that often feature DJ's or live entertainment.


Visiting a Spanish restaurant during a stay in Elche is usually a wonderful experience. We say usually because not everyone gets the service or food they expected, especially during the peak summer months. But then, no matter where you are in the world, chefs and waiting staff can get a bit overwhelmed at busy times. For those who prefer to stick with what they know, Elche is home to a number of international restaurants. There is the kids favourite Chinese, Italian for delicious pasta and pizza, sizzling Turkish kebabs, superbly presented sushi and much more. For a choice of international restaurants all under one roof, try a visit to L'Aljub Shopping Centre.


Visitors wishing to dance till dawn will find a selection of nightclubs in Elche. The vast majority of these are located outside the city centre. However, these are grouped quite close together in the Poligono Industrial area where noise pollution is not so much of a concern. This makes it possible to do a bit of club hopping in search of the perfect entertainment venue. Be prepared to rub shoulders with locals and expect quite a bit of modern Latino music in these clubs. The larger ones often boast popular guest DJ's, live bands, saucy cabaret acts and vibrant theme nights.


With the largest footwear industry in Spain, those with a passion for shoes can shop till they drop. Throughout the city centre are footwear retail outlets representing their individual factories. For the best shoe shopping experience though, Elche Retail Park on the outskirts of the city has many excellent outlets. Visitors looking for the best quality of a certain product should try the specialist shops. This is especially the case when looking for delicatessen goods which are not as top quality in supermarkets. Having said that, Elche's supermarkets are modern and well stocked. For the best shopping experience under one roof, visit one of the city's shopping malls.


Markets provide both entertainment and great bargains, depending on your haggling skills.  The city's markets feature mainly fresh produce, delicatessen, flowers and plants. Within a short drive from Elche are numerous fantastic markets. These are held on different days of the week, allowing for a bit of market hopping during your stay. As we mentioned with shops, when seeking a certain item or product, head for one of the surrounding specialist markets. Nearby Santa Pola is home to a wonderful fish and seafood market. A bit further afield on the outskirts of Benidorm is El Cisne. It is a popular antiques and collectors market with weekly entertainment.