Scooter Hire

Scooter hire is an economical and fun mode of transport and offers the chance to get out and about during a stay in Elche. The roads surrounding Elche and throughout the Costa Blanca are well maintained and signposted. Within the city there is much to see and do, and scooter hire is the perfect way to get about. The weather is excellent all year round, offering wonderful riding conditions. During the peak summer months when parking can be a problem, a scooter is ideal to get into small spaces. Slightly further afield are a number of attractions, beaches and lakes. Many of these are within 30 minutes ride from Elche, making it an easy and pleasant ride on a scooter.

Scooter Hire in Elche

Scooter hire in Elche is rather hit and miss, maybe due to the high cost insurances involved. Scooters also tend to attract the younger crowd, and unfortunately due to a few ‘boy racers' many hire companies just don't want the hassle of stocking scooters. It is possible however to search for private scooter hire. This is easily done by enquiring in the local social media sites and Facebook buy & sell groups. As with the majority of registered scooter hire companies, to lessen the possibility of misuse or damage, most private persons will ask for a substantial deposit.

Scooter Hire in Alicante

Visitors to Elche looking to hire a scooter will find a much better choice of hire firms in nearby Alicante. These do a range of 50cc and 125cc scooters. Some will also stock various size motorcycles for hire, or even offer motorcycle tours. As with any vehicle hire company, when hiring a scooter it's best to ask as many questions as possible. This will avoid any hidden costs, and in the case of 24hr breakdown recovery, give you peace of mind. Also ask their policy on returning the scooter with a full tank of petrol. Most definitely check the scooter for any damage or defaults and point them out to the representative before signing your rental contract.

Murica-San Javier Airport

Murcia-San Javier Airport services much of Costa Blanca south and is around 50 minutes drive from Elche. It is the smaller of the two airports that are handy for travel to Elche, the other being Alicante Airport.