Nightclubs in Elche are predominantly referred to as discotecas (discos) which tends to give a mental image of flared trousers and crazy hairdos. Although the city doesn't have a large choice of nightclubs, the few that do entertain the party crowds are far from the discos of the 70's. They boast the latest sound and lighting systems, various dance floors, stages, podiums, chill out terraces, top resident and guest DJ's and huge bars serving top shelf drinks and crazy cocktails.

Elche Nightclubs

Elche's nightclubs tend to attract the young Spanish party people which is reflected in the mainly Latin music belted out by the DJ's. This is inevitable as Elche is by and large a Spanish working city. The majority of foreign visitors to the Costa Blanca looking to rave their nights away head for the party capital of Benidorm. Alternately, if you are spending time in Elche and fancy a larger choice of nightclubs, you can head to the neighbouring cities of Alicante and Torrevieja.

Elche's main nightclubs are all located outside the city centre. This is a common practice in Spain which reduces complaints of noise pollution. If you were to open a club within the city such as  Club Bianco, the laws are strict and you will have to pay a fortune on soundproofing. Clubs near residential areas are also often required to fit a special noise limiter to their sound systems. The great thing about the nightclubs outside the city is that they're all close together, allowing for easy club hopping. So, get a group of friends together, call a taxi and enjoy a night with the locals.

Nightclub Listings

Gold Discoteca – Located on Carrer Mallorca, this is one of the top spots and attracts a faithful following. This place is impressive even before you enter; flanking the entrance are life size golden statues that sporadically belch out jets of flames. The interior decor is fantastic and the atmosphere lively. Top class DJ's play the latest Latin tunes and the club often features live shows and a variety of theme nights. A superb feature of Gold is its wonderful chill out terrace.

Ten 10 – This is just a few metres from Gold on Carrer Sabadell. This is another popular club that features comedy nights. They also have an impressive restaurant with reasonable prices for a nightclub. An excellent chill out terrace complete with Arabian style beds is perfect for summer.

Baby'Oh – Also located on Carrer Sabadell, this is the place to practice your Latin dancing. More of a Latin dance hall than a nightclub, Baby'Oh is still a super fun place to visit. They feature the best in salsoteca music and have regular demonstrations and classes in salsa and bachata.

Picar@ Tech-House Club – Located on Avinguda Manuel Martinez Valero, Picar@ is a no frills rave popular with the locals. They feature 8 local DJ's pumping out the latest in house music.

Club Bianco – Unless we've missed any other nightclubs, this is the only one in the city centre. Located on Avinguda en Joan Carles I, Bianco is more of a large, trendy bar than a club. Despite this it does have a dance floor, resident DJ's and a very lively atmosphere.

Please Note: We have refrained from adding opening times as they constantly change.


Markets in Elche and the surrounding areas are excellent, and make for a fun day of bargain hunting. For some of the locals markets are a serious business, and you will see them haggling as if their life depended on it.