Mountain Biking

Mountain biking during a holiday in Elche is a fine way to explore the city and surrounds. This beautiful green city with its famous palm groves and gardens lends itself perfectly to cycling. No matter how strenuous your route, there is always nearby welcoming shade. Heading out into the surrounding countryside visitors will find an abundance of hiking and mountain biking trails. Some of the superb mountain roads in Costa Blanca are ideal for training and attract professional cyclists. Then of course, you have the glorious sunny weather and wonderful clean air.

City Mountain Biking

Within the city it's not essential to hire a mountain bike. A normal road or commuter bike is fine if you're just visiting Elche for a day or two. However, for longer periods it would be a shame not to get out into the countryside and enjoy some mountain biking. That being said, some of the best cycling in the city is through the stunning palm groves. Here, due to uneven nature trails it's best to use a mountain bike. Bear in mind when cycling the groves, some are in protected areas and cycling may be forbidden. It is best to inquire about the trails at the Palm Grove Museum. You can also inquire about both city and countryside cycling routes at the bike hire shops.

Country Mountain Biking

When hiring your mountain bike, ask the staff in the shop about the best cycling routes. Hire companies such as Elxenduro Bikes really know their stuff. Most of their staff are keen cyclists themselves and know the city parks and countryside trails like the back of their hand. For some serious off-road cycling you should head further inland. Here you will find numerous national and natural parks. Most surround rugged hills, valleys and mountains where you will be in your element on a mountain bike. Further towards the coast are several more natural parks. These surround lakes and areas of sand dunes where it's possible to follow pretty coastal paths. Finally, if you fancy a thrilling week long mountain biking holiday, inquire at Mañana Mountain.