Bars in Elche are mainly located around the city centre with a few in the surrounding residential areas. Having the largest footwear industry in Spain and various other industries, Elche is predominantly a Spanish working city. Therefore, unlike the bars in holiday resort cities such as Benidorm, bars in Elche do not feature highly on the internet. However, they are there and no matter where you are staying during a visit to this lovely green city, you're never far from a bar.

Tapas Bars

These are by far the most plentiful in Elche, with thirsty workers in search of a cold beer or glass of wine at the end of a hard day. Many are still very traditional, serving a free tapa with your drink. These can be found on practically every street corner, some quite spacious and others just little ‘hole in the wall' establishments. One thing most of them have in common is cheap drinks. No matter where you are in Spain, the local workers will not pay tourist prices for their drink and the bar owners know this. So, when visiting Elche be adventurous and try these charming places. If you venture into the right ones, you can get a few drinks and fill your tummy for a few euros.

Foreign Bars

By far the most widespread foreign bar, not only in Spain but worldwide, are Irish bars. Yes, the Irish are truly a nation of wanderers and adventurers, seeking work and pleasure across the globe. They are also a nation of hard workers who, at the end of the day enjoy a good drink or two. Again, unlike Benidorm that boasts a huge amount of foreign bars catering to the hoards of foreign holidaymakers and expats, Elche has only a few. These are mainly in the city centre.

For a delicious pint of Guinness, Magners cider or traditional pub grub, try Newton Irish Pub. Located on Plaça Glorieta in the city centre, these guys endeavour to cater to all tastes. Besides the usual Irish fare, they do a selection of cocktails and their menu features several popular Spanish tapas and dishes. Another bar where visitors can enjoy the ‘craic' is Flaherty's. Located on Passeig Eres de Santa Llúcia, this place is convenient for a drink when visiting the nearby Palmeral Park. A good selection of beers, great music and a friendly atmosphere sees visitors coming back year after year. Be prepared for big crowds during the peak summer months.

When visiting the Palm Grove Museum (Museo del Palmeral) you are just a short stroll from Jackson Irish Tavern located on Carrer Porta de la Morera. Start your day with a hearty breakfast on the pleasant terrace. If you're there for the Guinness or other imported drinks expect to pay tourist prices. For a superb selection of beers including large German style pitchers, head to Cervecería Bierwinkel. Located on Avinguda en Joan Carles I, this place really is all about the beer.

Music Bars

Music bars in Elche range from those offering a daily selection of piped music or DJ sets, to ones offering karaoke or live bands and artists. Ones featuring karaoke nights quite often also have quiz, bingo and games nights. These are usually family orientated and welcome children. A warm welcome, pleasant decor and good selection of songs to choose from awaits visitors to Karaoke Centro Elche. Located on Avinguda en Joan Carles I, the atmosphere here is great and a good selection of local and imported drinks lubricates the throat, ready to belt out your next tune.

El Garaje Bar Elche is located on Plaça de les Barques next to the Vinalopo River. This popular venue has it all; an ideal setting accompanied by great music, a vibrant atmosphere, extensive menu and good wine list ensures this place is never empty. For an evening of sensual Latin music and a cozy setting accompanied by reasonably priced drinks, try Pub Alcatraz Music & Drinks located on Carrer Escultor Capuz. This is handy when visiting the beautiful Huerta del Cura Gardens. The Irish do love their music, and no more so than at the popular John Mulligan's. Located in a lively square next door to Flaherty's, they have a great selection of music and drinks.


Supermarkets in Elche are represented both nationally and internationally. There are the large national chains such as Mercadona, Supercor and Consum. Then you have the international influences like the popular German chains Lidl and Aldi