Transport is good to have when wishing to visit Elche's surrounding attractions or venture further afield on a day out. However, this is one city that was built for walking. Much of Elche is taken up by its famous palm groves and gardens. These spread through the city and along the Vinalopo River banks. Even during the hot summer months there is always cooling shade among the palms and gardens. Meandering their way through these are numerous picturesque hiking trails. These pleasant nature trails can all be explored on foot, and some allow access to bicycles.


The majority of visitors to Elche arrive by air into one of the two airports that service the Costa Blanca. Some Spanish visitors from inland cities such as Madrid choose to drive. This gives them the opportunity to have their own transport during their stay. It certainly saves on taxis or car hire. Alicante-Elche Airport is the closest to the city and can be reached by car in just 20 minutes. This is a busy airport with a bright, modern layout, easy access to boarding gates and excellent facilities. An unusual highlight of Alicante-Elche Airport is its outdoor bar and smoking area once through passport control. Most airports these days only have a pokey little smoking room. The other choice at 50 minutes drive from Elche is Murcia-San Javier Airport to the south.

Car Hire

Some visitors to Elche are fortunate enough to have friends or family staying in or near the city with available transport to use during their stay. Others choose to hire a vehicle, giving them the freedom to explore further afield. Both airports have several national and international car hire companies based at their terminals. The majority of these companies offer vehicle hire upon arrival. During peak summer season though, it's highly recommended to arrange your car hire well in advance of your arrival. Some of the city's hotels will also have a vehicle hire service available from their reception. For those that haven't arranged a vehicle at the airport, there are several car hire companies within the city. These include a few cheaper independent companies.

Scooter Hire

Aside from a few independent vehicle hire companies or garages that may have a couple of scooters they are willing to rent out, there are no dedicated scooter hire companies in Elche. If you are determined to get out and explore with the wind in your hair and the sun on your back, scooter hire can be found in nearby Alicante. These are predominantly 50cc and 125cc scooters. If you are looking for a bit more power, rather go for a motorcycle. These can be hired individually or as part of a motorcycle tour. Alicante also offer Segways tours, a really fun means of transport.

Bicycle Hire

Again, the availability of bicycle hire in Elche is somewhat limited. With all the wonderful nature trails through the palm groves and gardens perfect for cycling, this really is a shame. It could be the city council doesn't want these hiking trails abused by off-road mountain bikers and would prefer people to use the more sedate city bikes. A collection of city bikes are hired out from the Tourist Information Bureau close to the splendid Municipal Park. These are available to rent for half or full days at very reasonable rates. Unfortunately they are not available for longer periods.