Paintball is an exciting and somewhat painful team activity that makes for a thrilling day out during a holiday in Elche. The activity was first developed in the early 1980's when it was initially played for recreation. As its popularity soared, it became more regularly played as a formal sport with organised competitions and tournaments being played by professional teams. Nowadays, both indoor and outdoor arenas can be found in most cities and towns worldwide.

Paintball Equipment

Anyone wishing to give paintballing a go needs to realise the paint balls are fired at high speed and do hurt! This is especially the case when getting hit at close range or on a tender part of the body. In order to ensure the highest safety measures, protective clothing and equipment must be worn. This includes combat style overalls or uniforms. Some operators use face masks with the back of the head exposed. Others use full military style helmets. Neck protection is either built into the mask or in the form of a padded collar on the overalls. Some males use a cricket ‘box' 🙂

As the popularity of paintball has increased over the years, so has the equipment. Guns now come in either a pistol or rifle, although rifles are the more popular. These propel the paint balls using CO2 gas in the form of canisters. Paint balls are stored in a unit on top of the rifle stock. They can either be fired on semi-automatic which shoots one ball at a time. Alternately, firing on full automatic will release a constant stream of ammo until you take your finger off the trigger.


Paintball Alicante is the largest and most popular operator in Elche. They are located on the outskirts of the city on Carrer 1 Almoeixa near the Mascota Shopping Centre. This runs parallel to the N-340. These guys have really pulled out all the stops to create the most realistic battle scenarios. Set in a large area of countryside, the paintball field uses the natural surroundings as well as man made zones and obstacles. These represent 3 different choices of battle zones.

Farwest – This zone is a re-creation of a dusty, deserted wild west town, complete with a red Indian styled area. The object of this game is to successfully recover the key to the town. The key is suspended on a rope guided pulley and the two teams battle it out to get the key to their side.

Naval Cemetery –  This is a re-creation of a disused naval yard, complete with old military vehicles and even a boat. Each team has a different mission in this game. Two flags in different positions are the ultimate goal here. One team defends the flags and the other attempts to capture them.

Bidonball – A futuristic setting for this zone where robots form part of the scenario. Obstacles and defence shelters here are mainly constructed from old steel oil drums. While the two teams battle for dominance, the sound of the paint ball hitting the drums makes a frightening noise.

Further Paintball Operators

District 41 – This is a multi-adventure indoor centre with activities for all ages. They are located on Calle Villena on the outskirts of the city. Here visitors can enjoy paintball, laser and nerf wars.

Paintball Clan – This is another outdoor paintball facility. They are located parallel to the N-340 a bit further outside the city. A large field features a variety of obstacles and game scenarios.

Paintball Ferriol SL – Should you be celebrating an event of special occasion and have a suitable area to organise your own war games, these guys hire out all relevant equipment and safety gear. They are located on Carrer del Capitá Alfons Vives in Elche city centre.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking during a holiday in Elche is a fine way to explore the city and surrounds. This beautiful green city with its famous palm groves and gardens lends itself perfectly to cycling.