Elche Palmeral Aventuras

Elche Palmeral Aventuras enjoys a fantastic setting among the beautiful Elche palm groves. Yes these famous groves are the largest of their kind in all of Europe, and what better way to view them than skimming through the fronds on a thrilling zip-line. Due to conservation reasons the park is not located within the main palm groves and botanical gardens. However, that's an adventure for another day and Elche Palmeral Aventuras is certainly not lacking in palms and gardens of its own. Located on Av. del Travalón, the park makes for a great family day out.

Elche Palmeral Aventuras Activities

Laser Camp – This area of the park is a favourite with gamers and action seekers of all ages. Similar to paintball but without the pain, laser wars requires stealth, stamina and quick thinking. There are 3 scenarios to choose from, each with a duration of 30 minutes and a maximum group of 10 soldiers. Last Man Standing only has one team of soldiers and the aim is literally to try to eliminate all other soldiers from the game. Medic Rescue involves two teams with the same mission; to save as many lives as possible. Domination also requires two teams. The object is to battle it out until one team secures a set point, then to dominate that point for the longest time.

Archery – Thankfully the object here is not to eliminate other participants! The archery range is supervised by monitors to ensure safety is adhered to at all times. 6 galleries allow archers to practice their Robin Hood skills using modern equipment for the best accuracy possible.

Multi-Adventure Circuit – This is one of the most popular areas of Elche Palmeral Aventuras. A total of 8 circuits combine ground level and suspended obstacle courses for maximum thrills. With an assortment of ropes, ladders, ramps, platforms, bridges and suspended walkways, more than 120 game challenges can be achieved. Helmets and safety harnesses are used on all raised obstacles and there is an enclosed safe area for the younger thrill seekers to test their skills.

Zip-Line – Bring out your inner Tarzan in this area of the park. Secure cables and ropes replace jungle vines and wonderful aerial views abound. The combination of 13 zip-lines challenge all ages. Depending on your age you can choose from short, long, very long, fast and super fast. Again, this area is strictly monitored and harnesses and helmets must be worn at all times.

Traction Tower – Elche Palmeral Aventuras have taken the popular climbing wall to new heights. The 20 metre high tower poses a variety of challenges. On one side is the climbing wall with rest platforms at various point on the accent. The other side is like a huge rope climbing frame. Climbers can combine their route to the top using netting, rope ladders and thin wooden steps.

Navigable Lake – Visitors to Elche Palmeral Aventuras that are not up to the exertion of the more strenuous activities can enjoy a relaxing time in this refreshing area of the park. The 2,000 m2 lake comes complete with palm islands, jetties and walkways. Cute little boats have a capacity for 4 people who can each take turns at their rowing skills. This adventure is also available at night.

Elche Palmeral Aventuras Facilities

Snack Bar – When you're having such fun you don't realise how much exercise you're getting until your tummy lets you know it's time for a snack break. The snack bar offers seating both indoors and out. It also has ablutions and a multi-purpose room for events and birthdays. The terrace handily overlooks the children's playground. This allows adults to enjoy a refreshing drink while watching over the young ones. A good selection of beverages and snacks are offered as well as a choice of good value set meals. Menus have been chosen with all tastes in mind.

Events Area – Events, celebrations, parties and corporate team building are popular at the park. For these they have a pleasant area with seating and marquees surrounded by the lake and palms. Within the multi-purpose room the air conditioned facilities include audiovisual media to assist in planning your event. They also offer a catering service for all types of groups and events.