Water Activities

Water activities offer fun and excitement for all ages during a visit to Elche. This is especially the case during the scorching summer months when temperatures can reach over 40 degrees celsius. With rivers and lakes, and the Mediterranean coast only 20 minutes drive from Elche, the choice of water activities is excellent. There are activities not only suitable for all ages, but all budgets too. These range from totally free for activities such as swimming or shore fishing, to extremely expensive for water activities such as deep sea fishing or yacht charters.

City Water Activities

Swimming – Depending on where you go, swimming can be very cheap or even free. Some hotels in Elche feature great leisure facilities including swimming pools. Many visitors choose to stay in private holiday accommodation. These include apartments, townhouses, bungalows and villas. Some of these are in gated communities that also boast swimming pools. Then you have the excellent sports & leisure centres in the city. Here they quite often have monitors who organise fun water games for the young ones or boast water sports facilities such as water polo.

Water Parks – There are no dedicated water parks in the city. However, should you decide to visit Rio Safari Elche, the park has a lovely leisure area complete with pool and a large water slide. If you fancy visiting a proper water park, the closest is around 30 minutes drive in Quesada.

River Water Activiies

White Water Rafting – For this thrilling activity you will need to head to the town of Cieza. This lies on the banks of the River Segura which is just under an hour's drive from Elche. The white water rafting trip runs from Cieza to Blanca and is super fun for most ages. Although the run starts from Cieza, the meeting place is at Rafting Murcia in the town of Blanca.

River Kayaking – Rafting Murcia also offer the chance to do the same river journey in kayaks. If you happen to have access to your own kayak, this stretch of river can be enjoyed for free. There are also many lovely spots along the river to enjoy a picnic and a bit of swimming.

River Fishing – Firstly, all fishing on the Costa Blanca that is not on private property requires a licence. However, the majority of locals and many regular holidaymakers just chance their luck.

Lake Water Activities

Swimming – Elche is privileged to have several lakes within a short drive from the city. These make for a pleasant family day out. You can take along a picnic and cool off with a swim during the heat of the afternoon. Some of these lakes where fishing is good will often have no swimming signs. However, as long as you respect and don't disturb the anglers, they're usually fine. Head for the salt lakes of Torrevieja and La Mata if you fancy floating about, similar to the Dead Sea.

Boating – Some lakes such as Lake Pedrera are suitable for boating and kayaking. A superb feature of this lake is the two thrilling multi-activity centres located near the shores. These offer numerous fun activities for all age groups including boating and kayaking.

Coastal Water Activities

Jet Ski – The king of all holiday water activities. Yes, despite the ludicrous cost of a jet ski ride, they still remain an extremely popular activity with holidaymakers. Jet ski operators can be found throughout the Costa Blanca. They offer individual rides as well as guided tours. The closest town to enjoy jet ski activities is Santa Pola. For thrilling jet ski tours, head for Alicante.

Parasailing – Another all time favourite where you can experience the most fantastic views of the coastline and surrounding countryside. Again, parasailing can be enjoyed all along the coast. This includes Santa Pola, Alicante, Guardamar, Torrevieja and areas of the Orihuela Costa.

Wind & Kite Surfing – Santa Pola is very popular for board and wind sports. You will find several surf shops in the town. These offer both equipment hire and individual or group lessons.

Sea Kayaking – Again, if you have access to your own kayak, the entire Costa Blanca coastline is your playground. Alternately, join a guided kayaking safari which usually includes snorkelling.

Snorkelling – Bring along your own snorkelling equipment and enjoy this activity for free. If you don't have your own equipment, cheap kids snorkelling sets can be had for under 10€ from the Chino and souvenir shops. For teen and adult sets try the popular sports store Decathlon. The entire Costa Blanca coastline boasts some top snorkelling spots, including Tabarca Island.

Fly Boarding – Of all the available water activities, this has to be one of the most thrilling. This crazy new contraption uses water power from a jet ski to launch the rider in and out the water. It enables you to perform all sorts of aerial and water acrobatics, just like a dolphin.

Deep Sea Water Activities

Sailing – Nearly all the Costa Blanca's coastal towns and cities with a marina will offer sailing. For holidaymakers that wish to enjoy a luxurious day out to sea, sailing charters are available. These are offered with or without a pilot, and with several options such as full catering. Sailing lessons for all disciplines of yachting and sailing are also available at most yacht clubs.

Deep Sea Fishing – This is for the serious angler with serious bucks but the rewards can be great. Fishing charters are available from several marinas on the Costa Blanca. Charters can work out quite costly so when considering chartering a fishing boat, try to fill the maximum capacity of people and split the costs. Some of these boats are also available for fun family days out.

Scuba Diving – Whether you just want to try an introduction to scuba diving day, or achieve a PADI qualification, there are numerous dive shops and schools on the Costa Blanca. The closest from Elche is Dive Academy Santa Pola. They also offer superb dive trips for qualified divers.

Tabarca Island

Tabarca Island has seen dramatic change from days of old when it was a refuge for Barbary pirates planning attacks on the Spanish mainland. Nowadays Tabarca is known for being the smallest permanently inhabited islet in Spain.